Medieval themed strategic card / board game

Take on the role of a medieval warlord as you develop your empires army, economy and technologies.

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Echoes of Emperors is a strategic boardgame focused on 1v1 gameplay. Each player chooses a civilization deck to play with. During your turn, you move your units around the board to explore new lands, build settlements to manage your economy, and attack your enemies. You use your cards to activate units and technologies to develop your civilization. To win the game, you must destroy your opponents capital or defeat all their active units.

Example cards


The Norsemen have a strong Infantry and naval units. They were known for being great explorers and merchants, but also gruesome raiders.

While playing the Norsemen you will have a flourishing economy, master the seas with your longships and destroy your enemies settlements with strong infantry.

Example cards

Mongol Empire

The Mongols created an enormous Empire. Their army is known for its native horse archers and cultural diversity using units and technologies  from all its conquered lands. 

While playing the Mongol Empire you will controll the battlefield using your swift cavalry archers, move your settlements like a nomad and besiege your enemy's capital using Chinese siege engines.

Example cards


The Scots are especially well trained in pike warfare using their infamous shiltron tactics. They engaged in a lot of guerilla warfare to defend their country.

While playing the Scots, you will fight back cavalry armies using your shiltron pikemen. When your enemies try to defeat you, you will come back stronger and crush them using your knowledge of the land.

Example cards

Byzantine Empire

The Byzantines, or the Eastern Roman Empire, were for most of their existence the most powerful economic, cultural and military empire of Europe. They were famous for their great defenses, education and art.

While playing the Byzantines, you use your disciplined army of mercenaries, information gathering and inovative technologies to defend your empire and take back your land with a formidable army.

And more to come?

With the kickstarter we want to make a goal to add 2 new civilizations to the game. You can always let us know on our social medias which one you would like to see!